Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Anniversary layout for my Mister.

It's been awhile since I last posted my work.. My hobby time is getting smaller and smaller as things happen in life and there's still work to be done and savings for retirement long way down the road.
But here's my latest make. I hope you enjoy!

I started with Unky's image from the east wind and coloured her beautiful image.. I've also picked up a few tricks from her videos she's been posting here.

Then I found a sentiment.. this one came to my head quickly as my Mister and I have a need to make each other laugh a lot.. so "love you long time" it is..  I used a type of text blocks (like legos) to form the sentiment.

Finished the layout with some cropping and coloring...

And framed it on a shadow box here!

Hope you like it. :D


  1. Oh Mei, this is just precious! I'm sure he loved it. I sure do. Congrats! xxD

  2. Totally kewt, I can see your love ;) You guys are awesome together xxx